The salesman Josef Cersovsky came from the Giant Mountains, where the name of the famous Berggeist (mountain spirit) Rübezahl comes from, and opens a sweets shop in Plochingen at the Neckar. Amongst other things, he devotes himself to the production of chocolate bars.


Move to Stuttgart-Plieningen. In the 50s, the focus was on the making of waffles, while also establishing the production of chocolate figures. 

Peter Cersovsky, the son of the founder, becomes part of the company management. 

Rübezahl moves from Plieningen to Dettingen, and now produces 125 tons of chocolate per year. It focuses exclusively on the production of seasonal chocolate figures, such as chocolate Santa Clauses and Easter bunnies. 

In the 60s, the company employed 20 people in the Lauter community. 

Claus and Oliver Cersovsky, Josef Cersovsky’s grandsons, become part of the company. 

Rübezahl acquires the confectionery company Koch from Ballingen and from now on operates under the name Rübezahl Koch. 

The number of employees has grown to 100 people. 

With the brand name Sun Rice, Rübezahl adds puffed rice chocolate into their assortment, which is produced by internally developed methods of production. 

Rübezahl acquires the Disney license and thereby takes over the Nestlé group. 

From now on, Rübezahl distributes Disney license products made out of chocolate under the brand name Magical Chocolate. 

Rübezahl takes over the chocolate department and the trademark rights of the company Friedel in Wernigerode, which became famous with its fizzy drink powder and chocolate products. This extends the range of products, which leads Rübezahl to become a full-range supplier. From now on, filled chocolate specialties, such as nougat eggs and “Knickebein-Zapfen“, are available. Under the Friedel brand, Rübezahl specializes in seasonal products, such as chocolate Santa Clauses and Easter bunnies.

Under the brand name Sun Rice, Rübezahl developed a new product, the Sun Rice Bool, which are whole milk-puffed rice-chocolate balls filled with cocoa cream and puffed rice. 

Rübezahl employs up to 300 people and runs its production with a three-shift structure. During the season, more than 100,000 chocolate bunnies are produced daily, which adds up to 20-25 million chocolate Easter bunnies at the end of the year, and just as many Santa Clauses, along with 15 million advent calendars. 

Rübezahl sells more than 24,000 tons of chocolate products annually! 

Rübezahl includes advent calendars with the well-known licensed characters of SpongeBob and Bob the Builder in its assortment. 

The German Agricultural Society (DLG) honors the Sun Rice “Happen” whole milk with the “Goldenen Preis 2007” for the first time. 

The Friedel chocolate Easter bunny (150g) was rated “very good” by the consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST, issue 4/2007. 

Togbui Ngoryifia Olatidoye Kosi Céphas Bansah, king of Hohoe Ghana appoints Rübezahl to be the royal chocolate supplier during the international Sweets and Biscuits Fair in Cologne. 

The popular Sun Rice – Minis are available in an organic version. 

Rübezahl includes Sun Rice Kidcrunchy (puffed rice with chocolate, milk cream, and five cereals) in its assortment. 

In the spring of 2008, Rübezahl starts its first advertising campaign in company history with a TV spot for its puffed rice product Sun Rice and a poster campaign in Austria. A TV campaign in Germany follows in the fall of 2008. 

The Claus and Oliver Cersovsky GbR takes over the trademark rights of the premium chocolate brand Gubor. 

Rübezahl extended its licensed advent calendar assortment with the license of Asterix. 

Rübezahl presents a new, special product innovation at the ISM: The gummy bears Choco Gomis, which strike extraordinary interest of costumers and trade. 

Rübezahl raffled off a complete year of vacation in a nationwide promotion with Sun Rice. 

The Claus and Oliver Cersovsky GbR founds the dragée company Weseke Dragees GmbH and takes over the trademark rights of the Borkener dragée production company Weseke GmbH. 

Rübezahl receives the “SG Golden Watch 2011”, the highest award in the Germany confectionery business that is awarded to companies and people who distinguished themselves by meritorious service to the German confectionery market. 

Rübezahl uses UTZ certified cacao from sustainable farming for its Choco Gomis for the first time. 

Acquisition of national and international distribution rights of the Reutter GmbH confectionary factory in Rosengarten-Westheim. 

From May 2012 on, Rübezahl takes a majority stake in Reutter GmbH. 

Rübezahl completely takes over the Reutter GmbH confectionary factory in Rosengarten-Westheim. 

Rübezahl sells about 27 million advent calendars annually and is hence the biggest producer of chocolate advent calendars in the world. 

As probably the biggest producer of chocolate hollow figures in Baden-Württemberg, Rübezahl produces 50 million chocolate Easter bunnies and just as many Santa Clauses annually. 

By now, Rübezahl’s revenue amounts to around €180 million (business year 2017/18), with a total tonnage of about 40,000 tons of chocolate products. 

By now, the whole European retail food sector is a part of Rübezahl’s clientele. Additionally, Rübezahl exports its products to over 50 countries worldwide, including Canada, Japan, Australia, USA, and various eastern European countries.