Community Engagement

The company Rübezahl is engaged in multiple charity projects. Since 2013, Rübezahl has been supporting two foreign projects on a long-term basis. 


NY HARY Deutschland e.V. was founded in 2004 with the goal to foster the educational opportunities of students in rural Madagascar. In order to do so, the Projekt "Antseranantsoa" was established, together with the partner association NY HARY Madagasikara. The project enables students from rural areas of the Midwest of Madagascar as well as children from particularly poor families to have access to an education system.

Education and diligence are key for the development of a society. The goal is to provide help for people to help themselves. The advantage over conventional educational organizations is that the knowledge conveyed upon the boys and girls is also being “set as an example” in daily life. Not only with pen and paper, but also on a practical level: on a terrain, which has room for agriculture and stock farming, and with the aid of a resource-conserving energy and water supply. Because biologically, Madagascar is one of the richest countries in the world. The poverty, and also often the lack of knowledge of the population, forces the people into exhaustive cultivation of their own vital environment. Rübezahl has been supporting NY Hary on a long-term basis since 2013. The first joint project was the much needed expansion and renovation of the center’s kitchen in order to improve food supply and food hygiene (see photo). Follow-up projects are already being planned. For more information about NY Hary go to



KING BANSAH OF HOHOE GHANA fights for his people in Hohoe Ghana from Germany. Rübezahl supports King Bansah in the building of a school and training center in Hohoe Ghana. The building began in April 2014.


In six training centers, young boys and girls are to be educated in a trade, and they will therefore have the opportunity to receive a qualified training. The building of the school and training center will be completed exclusively with workers and materials from Hohoe and is divided into three construction phases. The first construction phase is comprised by the craftwork sites (textile, sign painting, and wood craft). The architecture of the building collects all the training sites under one roof, which offers shade and creates a natural air conditioner through the offset roof surfaces where the warm air can escape upward.


A project for a better future. More information will be available shortly. For more information about King Bansah go to


In addition, Rübezahl is in engaged in multiple charitably activities and donations in Dettingen/Teck, where the company is based.