Sustainability chocolate consumption

With the brands Gubor and Friedel, Rübezahl has had UTZ certified chocolate products with sustainably grown cocoa in its assortment since 2012. Gubor and Friedel are working on the sustainable growing of cacao with UTZ CERTIFIED. UTZ CERTIFIED teaches farmers how to produce more cacao of better quality with consideration of people and the environment.  

What does UTZ CERTIFIED mean? 

The name "Utz" means “good” in the Mayan language. UTZ CERTIFIED is one of the biggest sustainability programs in coffee cultivation. Besides coffee, UTZ CERTIFIED developed sustainability standards for tea and cacao. The aim of this program is to educate farmers with regard to social and ecological criteria. The most important requirements for UTZ CERTIFIED cacao are established in a code of conduct, for example: safe and healthy working conditions, no forces or child labor, prevention of accidents, production training, and measures to preserve natural living environments. Thus, farmers can work more professionally and more sustainably, and the living conditions of the farmers are being improved.

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